“The Lion’s Lament: A Tale of Regret After Teasing Two Lionesses”


The wandering male lion approached the cubs, causing the two lionesses to become angry, coming to fight first to protect the cubs.

As soon as the strange lion tried to approach the cubs, the two lionesses did not hesitate to attack the stranger.

With fierceness to protect the cubs, the two lionesses do not hesitate to use powerful moves to frighten the male lion.

They are lazy people, but the male lion in the herd also rushed in with two female lions to beat the stranger.


The strange lion was surrounded and attacked by a whole herd of lions because he dared to approach the cubs in the herd.

Two male lions and two female lions come to attack the stranger. A slap in the face for the fearless.

The stranger was knocked to the ground by two lionesses.


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