Lion hunting bear bear lucky to have dry wood branch saved its life


A lion spotted a small bear in a deserted area under a mountain. The bear was alone and the lion had not eaten for a long time, so it decided to attack the bear, a chase began that would make humans even sigh, scream and feel emotions.

The bear is still playing on the grass between the cliffs, it does not know the presence of the lion.

It was not until the lion was about to attack that it bewildered and ran away.

Because of the long distance, the bear managed to run up a dead tree leaning over the stream.

but unfortunately for him, this branch could not make it to the other side of the cliff, the bear was about to paddle down to run another way, but now the lion had chased to the foot of the tree and slowly approached the bear .


But luckily for the bear, because the predator chased and killed it, it retreated to the top of the dry branch, just before the moment when it seemed that the bear was good prey, suddenly the branch broke and the bear fell into the stream.

it was quick to hang on a broken dry branch to drift with the water, but unexpectedly the lion still did not spare it, it followed and waited at the bottom of the water to wait for the bear to drift near it.


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