“The Elephant’s Reign: 14 Victories Over the Lion’s Unceasing Fight for Kingship”


Elephants are large herbivores and are difficult to defeat because of their tremendous power. But the lion is the king of all, and all animals must bow before the lion’s power.

The lions possess the courage and intelligence enough to take down the big elephants, the lion knows how to survive and stand above all the other animals.

The fights between lions and elephants will be the most interesting fights and we are often curious to see how the lion will defeat the elephant.

Lions often choose to hunt sick and ailing elephants or young elephants that are not too big in size. Elephant hunts are often times when lions have to rely on collective strength.


A baby elephant hunt will be easier than fighting adult elephants. There has been a lot of footage recorded and sometimes we also see a lion risking his life to fight a huge elephant.

The hunts were mostly successful and there were only a few special cases where the lions failed and returned with numerous wounds.



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