“A Shocking Turn of Events: The Tragic Fate of a Tiger in Gorilla Territory”


The short clip was shared by Indian forest ranger Praveen Angusamy on Twitter with the caption: “Don’t look at your weaknesses, always know and use your strengths.”

The 30-second clip shows a tiger at the top of a tree and slowly approaching a monkey hanging from a branch not far away.

The tiger appeared calm, walked carefully and was almost ready to strike the finishing blow to its prey. But then, with its speed and skillful acrobatic ability, the monkey escaped the potential threat.

The moment the tiger attacked, the monkey jumped to another tree branch. As a result, the tiger could not hold the branch in time, lost its balance and fell to the ground. After falling quite hard to the ground, the tiger looked up at the tree and growled.


Since being shared, the short clip has received more than 14,600 views on Twitter. The clip was also shared by many people on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Most netizens expressed admiration for the monkey’s intelligence and praised the cameraman for capturing an impressive encounter.


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