Courage Under Threat: Lion Cub’s Resilience Shines as it Fights to Keep Pace with Mother After Snakebite


A lion cub needs help when it walks like it’s drunk and struggles to cross a road after what seems like a snake bite.

Derek Gold, a marine tour guide, shared this heartbreaking encounter with

“While driving along the road southwest of Skukuza, My eyes caught something brown-colored between two bushes. Curious, I quickly reversed. To my amazement, a lioness emerged from the bushes, followed by her two cubs.”

“One of the cubs appeared to be struggling, walking along as if it were drunk. The other cub was attempting to assist its sibling in keeping up with the lioness. At one point, the lioness even picked up the little cub. She carried it in an attempt to help it cross.

“As the trio moved towards other vehicles that had arrived at the scene. I made the decision to give the lions some space and time alone. The cub looked very stressed, and I did not want to cause any further stress.”


“A guide that was at the same sighting with me said they suspected a possible snake bite as the cause.”

Lion cubs are incredibly vulnerable to various threats, including other predators and even snake bites. As innocent and helpless younglings, they rely heavily on their parents and the safety of their pride.In the wild, hyenas, leopards, and other carnivores seeking an easy meal constantly pose a danger to lion cubs.

Additionally, the presence of venomous snakes adds to their vulnerability. Their naive curiosity often leads them into dangerous encounters, where a single snake bite can prove fatal. It is during these early stages of life that lion cubs rely on the protection and guidance of their parents to navigate the treacherous world they inhabit.

“I wonder if there are any updates or pictures from subsequent sightings that could shed light on whether the cub survived and thrived.” If any visitors to the park experienced anything similar or noticed any strange lion cub behavior in the area, please share it with us via our app.


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