“Nature’s Irony: Crocodile’s Failed Hunt Treats Elephants to Surprise Spa”


Crocodiles are the most feared animals in the water and they can drown all animals that invade their territory.

But an adult elephant will have no fear of crocodiles in shallow water and the elephant has even demonstrated its strength against a pitiful crocodile.

The crocodile is in a shallow river and the water level is quite low. Crocodiles are hiding and waiting to attack their prey.

The elephants passed by and the crocodile wanted a big meal of elephant meat. But the mother elephant quickly spotted the crocodile and taught the crocodile a lesson.


Elephants use their feet to step on the crocodile and then repeatedly use the elephant’s head to press down on the crocodile.

The elephant’s weight is enough to crush the crocodile, the crocodile is in pain and becomes pitiful when it cannot run away.

A painful blow and this is an unlucky day for alligators.



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