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The mother monkey cried in pain when the baby monkey was taken away and torn to pieces by the leopard


Clouded leopards are considered to be such dangerous forest animals that almost no animals can survive. Today, we brought you a similar video in which a Clouded Leopard attacks a pack of Baboons to hunt.

In this viral video, Leopard can be seen seeing a pack of Baboons sitting on the ground and he very wisely approaches the group of Baboons, looking for suitable opportunities to hunt.

Leopard attacked the baboons at the right opportunity and one of the baboons was separated from the group.


The leopard that hunts the baboon separates from the pack before climbing the tree because if the baboon climbs the tree it will be difficult for the leopard to hunt it and due to the distance of the tree the baboons cannot get there. And finally, become a victim of the leopard.

At the end of the video, the baboon family revolves around Leopard letting Leopard leave the baby and live, but Leopard kills the baboon.


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