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The small chipmunk’s fatal bite sent the extremely venomous snake back to its ancestors


The incident was recorded in Odaesan National Park, South Korea. Accordingly, the chipmunk was having a snack when he suddenly saw the appearance of a small poisonous snake (Viper) passing by.

Normally, the image of cute, small squirrels is associated with favorite foods such as nuts, plants, mushrooms and fruits. In this situation, however, the squirrel shows a different face. It is calmly observing the prey, agile when dodging the bites of venomous snakes and cold when delivering the finishing blow.

The fight lasted only a few seconds, before the outcome was final. Although not a carnivore, squirrels have teeth that are sharp enough to bite and injure snakes. In the end, the snake was knocked down and devoured by the chipmunk.


In another development, the clip continues to show viewers another face of chipmunks. Instead of being proactive like the above, the chipmunk is too focused on eating and drinking, so he completely ignores the danger lurking around.

A large viper was silently following the squirrel’s every move and slowly approached. With just one decisive bite filled with its venom, the venomous snake took down its prey in the blink of an eye.

The clip shows a vivid picture of the increasingly fierce struggle for survival in the wild nature.


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