“Wild Battle Royale: 500 Buffalo Brothers Face Off Against a Fierce Lion”


Buffalo is one of the favorite prey of lions. However, lions do not always frighten their prey.

In this clip, a male lion was attacked by a herd of wild buffalo in the night. Not only dragging lions on their faces, they also use their horns to ram continuously at the predator.

Due to the severe injury, the male lion could only lie down and endure the battle without any resistance. In the end, it died when a wild buffalo in the herd was knocked ten meters away.


In fact, African buffalo has never been an easy opponent. With its large body and sharp horns, buffalo is ready to gore any animal that threatens its life.

Meanwhile, according to the statistics of scientists, the success rate of lion hunting is relatively low. According to research, an adult lion can only hunt about 15 prey per year. Especially during the day, the lion’s hunting success rate is only 17-19%.


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