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The horrifying moment a huge snake regurgitates another live snake in front of a shocked couple


This terrifying scene involves a large black snake regurgitating a live snake in front of a couple who are watching in disbelief.

The sight of the snake’s food still twitching as it was squeezed from the reptile’s jaws horrifies Christopher Reynolds and his wife Nina.

As the scene unfolds in front of them, the couple can be heard gasping in awe, with Mr. Reynolds stating, “I can’t believe that little dude’s still alive.”

In the YouTube video’s caption, Mr. Reynolds stated, “My wife and I were leaving my mother’s when I caught a glimpse of this snake while I drove past it.”

I halted and took a step back to take some pictures. Nina suggested that I record some of this. I’m glad I did.

Only a worm-like tip is visible coming out of the snake’s mouth as the horrifying video begins on a roadside near Newton, Texas.

The snake starts to disgorge its meal while Mr. Reynolds keeps filming in an effort to get away from the pair.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the snake’s prey is much bigger than it first appears to be.


On the video, the pair can be heard expressing their surprise. At one point, Mr. Reynolds remarks, “This is crazy.”

The other snake appears to be relatively uninjured as it escapes the attacker’s grasp.

After rapidly finishing its substantial meal, the black snake dashes into the neighboring shrubs.

For a variety of causes, snakes can regurgitate their meals.

The tactic is frequently used when a snake feels threatened mid-meal or has overindulged.

In the video, Mr. Reynolds responds to this answer by stating: “It’s regurgitating so it can escape.” It felt in danger.

The other snake in the video is unhurt because snake regurgitation is not the same as snake vomiting because digestion has not yet started.

Snakes are renowned for their prodigious appetites and their ability to go months between meals without consuming any food.


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