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The cobra fought until the last moment to defeat the mongoose when it brutally dissected the snake’s head


Snakes are fearsome predators, and few animals dare to “play around” with this cold-blooded animal. In the opposite direction, the mongoose, despite its relatively small size, is the “opposite” of all snakes, regardless of how strong their venom is.

In a video shared on social networks, an extremely fierce battle between a golden mongoose can be seen against a dangerous opponent, the king cobra.

The mongoose is the more active one, as they constantly rush in with their attacks. And the cobra seems to be quite bewildered, when half wants to fight, half wants to run away.


However, it also delivered many fatal bites towards the mongoose, leaving the animal in tatters and shaking.

The mongoose makes full use of its speed to constantly move to dodge attacks, while waiting for the snake to open, then grab the neck and squeeze it with its teeth.

After a while of fighting, both animals fell into a state of exhaustion. The cobra is almost motionless, lying with its head on the ground. The mongoose is barely able to walk, with its hind legs almost paralyzed.


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