“Nature’s Perilous Ballet: Wildebeest’s Battle to Survive Crocodile-Infested Waters”


Thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River on the border between Tanzania and Kenya on a daily migration. The biggest danger to them is the hungry crocodiles lying in the water.

A wildebeest was swept away from their herd by currents while crossing the Mara River.
A giant crocodile spotted wildebeest straying from the herd and immediately followed its prey.

The giant crocodile jumped out of the water and grabbed the tail of the wildebeest trying to escape to the shore.
The breathtaking sight was captured by amateur photographer Corlette Wessels during her summer vacation to Kenya.


While the crocodile was trying to drown the prey in the water, a zebra suddenly appeared nearby, distracting the predator.

Taking advantage of the giant crocodile’s distraction, the wildebeest kicked the greedy predator in the face and fled to the shore.



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