Mating in front of the buffalo herd, the lion couple was pierced by the buffalo in the butt


Usually, the African buffalo is the lion’s favorite prey. However, to hunt this large prey, lions will have to hunt in groups and work together to separate the prey from the herd, then join forces to bring it down and eat the prey. Occasionally, an adult male lion can take down a large African buffalo alone without the help of other members of the pride, but this is not often the case.

In many cases, when the number of individuals in a herd of African buffalo outweighs the lion’s hunting abilities, they can even scare away predators, causing the lions to retreat and have to search for an easier meal elsewhere. Even so, the majestic image of the “steppe lord” was also somewhat lost in this situation.


The African buffalo is one of the largest herbivores in Africa, therefore, it is not often the case that the lion couple leaves in peace. Even so, the malicious image of the “steppe lord” was always scarier from the wild buffalo alone without the help of other members of the herd. In one point, the male lion stopped to stare at the buffalo herd, helpea helpless face from the wild buffalo herd. Africacan.”

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