“Nature’s Feud: River Otters and Giant Turtles Lock Jaws in a Legendary Battle”


A river otter would probably be the smartest assassin in the water. There have been many videos recorded of otters fighting with other animals such as leopards, crocodiles and even monkeys.

A battle that showcases the otters’ intelligence turns into a tense battle with turtles.

The otter went foraging and spotted a turtle near the shore and immediately attacked the turtle. The otter tries to attack the turtle’s legs and tries to turn the turtle upside down so it can’t run away.


The turtle was flipped upside down and was no longer able to defend. The otter then tries to move the turtle back to the shallows and enjoys a delicious meal.

Great video posted on Youtube and has more than 11m views and 17k comments. Most viewers were surprised by the fight and the size of the turtle was on par with the otter.


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