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The excruciating pain of the salamander when the snake surrounds and attacks and devours it in a split second


In spring, young iguanas are born, which also promises a delicious feast of snakes.
In the early morning, when salamanders are looking for food, snakes ambush in a nearby cave to wait for prey to appear to fill their hungry stomach.

After a while, when the prey was discovered. Although they are hungry, they still move slowly and carefully to avoid being detected by their prey. But with its sharpness, the salam ander quickly discovered the enemy and escaped the fierce pursuit of the snakes.


The iguana temporarily resides in a small cave but does not expect that there is also an ambush of a malicious enemy.And a fierce battle was about to take place, when the salamander gradually approached, the snakes rushed and squeezed their prey to prevent them from escaping. The salamander tried to struggle but could not escape the snake’s strength. The snake quickly rushed to tear the poor salamander and finished its breakfast.
This is the life-and-death battle of the salamander to escape the fierce hunting of snakes.


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