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It’s So Scary! Angry Hedgehog Attacks The Most Venomous Snake And Leopard To Protect Its Cubs


Hedgehog is given a natural armor that plays a great defense role, there are almost no predators that can harm the hedgehog while this armor is still on the body. Possessing sharp, hard fur, porcupines make any predator must clam up.

Today, on the way to find food, the hedgehog encountered a king cobra. It pointed its lively nose towards the cobra and continuously made provocative movements even though the venomous snake had curled up in a defensive posture.

Unable to let the rodents tease you forever, the king cobra decided to attack. But as soon as the bite of the king cobra nearly hit the nose, the porcupine quickly retracted its head, showing its sharp, hard fur. The king cobra tried to attack a few more times but the result was still the same. Each time the snake attacks, the snake is hit by the spikes on the hedgehog.


It knew there was nothing more it could do while confronting the hedgehog. That’s why it chose to retreat in safety, even though its mouth was swollen with aggression.



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