“The Impala Heist: Lion vs. Vulture and Cheetah in a Chaotic Battle for the Prey”


A short film about the most chaotic wars in the wild between the most fearsome predators, the cheatah, the vulture and the leopard.

This video was recorded and posted on Youtube with a terrible number of views and a lot of attention from viewers.

The clouded leopard was the owner of the meal after a while of hunting the impala and the meal had just begun when the vultures appeared in great numbers.

Vultures started gathering around it in enormous numbers. Each time the cheetah lowers its head to take a bite, the vultures inched in closer and closer, almost circling the cheetah.

After a few attempts by the cheetah at scaring the vultures off, they finally managed to overpower the cheetah and took the impala for themselves.


We sat in awe, watching the vultures scurry and feast while the cheetah disappeared into the thicket. Within a few seconds, it was chaos, vultures were scattering in a panic and we could not understand what was happening.

Not even a minute later, a young male lion came rushing into view. He chased the vultures off and claimed the kill for himself!!

This was incredible! What a war for a meal! The lion then dragged the kill off to some thick area where he spent the rest of the time finishing off the meal.


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