“The Power of Teamwork: How the Zebras Outsmarted the Hunting Leopard”


The Daily Mail on January 10 reported that the interesting scene was captured by photographer Sebastian Lehrke, 30 years old, in the Naboisho reserve, in Kenya, east Africa.

The series of photos shows a mother jaguar chasing a group of zebras grazing near three jaguar cubs. The zebras ran away while being hunted.

Suddenly, one of the zebras turned and galloped towards the jaguar. Unexpectedly, the jaguar stopped for a moment and then had to run away.

The zebra continued to chase the jaguar until the opponent ran through the bushes before stopping.


According to the Daily Mail, jaguars live throughout the grasslands of eastern and southern Africa. They are considered big cats even though they only weigh about 36-63 kg and cannot roar like tigers or lions.

The jaguar is considered the fastest animal in the world, capable of reaching speeds of 112 km/h when chasing prey. However, jaguars only maintain this speed for a short distance, about 250m.


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