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Predators Collide: Lions Clash with World’s Most Venomous Cobra to Keep Young Safe


The lion is always considered the king of the jungle and is respected by many animals. The cruel cold-blooded predator is always at the forefront of bloody wars. However, when faced with a cobra, the lion becomes weak. A bloody battle between a cobra and a mother and two lions.

The clip of a wonderful natural moment was recorded by a tourist during a visit to the African Nature Reserve. A very scary scene of a snake intending to attack a lion cub. It seems that the cub was wandering around looking for his mother when he accidentally got lost in the cobra lord’s domain. Right now, danger is approaching the lion cub without his knowledge.

The pitiful lion cub was repeatedly hit with fatal bites that made it scream in pain. The predator seemed to have a rich treasure meal. Then suddenly appeared the presence of the mother lion, causing the hunter to panic.


The cobra quickly regained its composure and launched an attack on the mother lion. The mother lion shows that she is not an underdog and quickly uses her sharp claws to attack in succession, scaring her opponent away.

The battle lasted more than an hour but in the end the lion won. The bravery of the lioness who saved her little cub’s life made the tourists present there exclaim that a mother’s great love is greater than ever. Cobras are the most common and feared snake in Africa, locals even refer to their bite as the ‘kiss of death.

Thus, with the power of immense love, the mother lion rescued her son from the hunt of the king cobra. The short video has attracted more than 6.8 million views and 493 comments capturing a rare moment of the fight between a lion and a deadly venomous cobra.


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