“Cliffside Escape: Antelopes’ Strategy to Evade the Wild Dog Chase”


In a unique video recorded in Mala Mala Wildlife Sanctuary (South Africa), the Klipspringer antelope shows calmness and precision in its decision, when easily defeating the wild dogs without needing to put in too much effort.

The instinct of most herbivores when encountering a predator is to run at full speed, hoping to find a way out. However, this is not the case with the Klipspringer antelope.

With their small build, short legs and sociable disposition, the Klipspringer is clearly not a true marathoner. Instead, they are highly intelligent, and often use their positional and camouflage abilities to navigate hazards.

In the video, three Klipspringer antelopes seem to be stuck on a cliff in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by a pack of wild dogs with at least 10 members trying to reach them.


A wild dog tried to lean forward, bringing its muzzle close to where the antelope was hiding to threaten it, but the animal remained calm and remained in place, instead of rushing to run away.

It was this choice that helped the three antelopes successfully survive the fierce siege of the enemy because just a moment later, the wild dogs gave up, retreating to find their prey elsewhere.



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