Battleground of Strength: The Lion’s Fight for Liberation from the Relentless Torture of the Buffalo Leader


The interesting scene was recorded at the Mala Mala wildlife reserve in South Africa. A large herd of wild buffalo, up to nearly 600 animals, is moving near the river to drink water. Two lionesses nearby saw a good opportunity to hunt, but in the face of a large herd of buffalo they chose to watch carefully.

A wild buffalo standing far away from the herd, alone in a corner, fell into view and was immediately attacked. Despite trying to resist, the lone buffalo was no match for the two belligerent lions, it had to lie still and accept its fate.


The god of luck smiled at the animal when its predicament was discovered by two of its fellows and returned to the rescue. Two wild buffaloes rushed forward, one of them used its horns to knock away the lion that was clutching the victim’s neck while the other wild buffalo rushed to chase the other lion.

They successfully rescue their fellow humans then leave, leaving two predators watching in regret for missing their delicious prey.


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