The little antelope swam to the other side to hide from the wild dogs, thinking it had escaped trouble but did not expect that it would be the beginning of a nightmare


An intense hunt by a pack of wild dogs is taking place on the riverbank. Their loud barking attracts a lot of attention around. A pack of wild dogs is capturing an antelope. The scared antelope lost his herd and tried to run away from the wild dogs.

The antelope jumped into the river to swim to the other side to escape the pursuit of the wild dogs. But I didn’t expect that a pack of wild dogs had ambushed us on the other side of the river. The antelope did not expect it.


When he was about to step ashore, a pack of wild dogs rushed in and bit the antelope. The antelope was now panicking, but it could not resist the hungry, hungry wild dogs that attacked frantically.

The antelope could only endure the pain and let the wild dogs bite it to pieces. The ferocious wild dogs used their sharp teeth to bite off pieces of the antelope’s flesh to devour it. Wild nature is really harsh, but that is the rule of their survival.


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