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Terrified “terrible” python entered the house and swallowed a 2-month-old calf weighing 30 to 40 kg


An individual “terrible” python, weighing about 35-40kg, crawled into the farm area and swallowed a calf raised by people in Ky Xuan commune (Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province). This individual python was later caught by the people and handed over to the authorities.

On the morning of May 10, information from the Ky Anh District Forest Protection Department (Ha Tinh Province) said that this unit has coordinated with the People’s Committee of Ky Xuan commune and the police agency to assign a rare earth python to the National Park. Vu Quang for continued monitoring and care before being released back into the natural environment.

This individual python has a weight of about 35-40kg, a length of about 3-3.5m (scientific name is Python molurus), belongs to the list of endangered and rare forest animals, belongs to group IIB and in the Red Book of Animals of Vietnam; illegal hunting, exploitation and trade are strictly prohibited and should be protected and conserved.

Previously, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (residing in Le Loi village, Ky Xuan commune) and her relatives discovered the above-mentioned earth python with a bloated belly lying in a circle in the garden near the cattle barn area of the farm. . Checking around the barn, it was discovered that a calf over 1 month old was no longer there, suspected to have been swallowed by a python.

After she calmed down, Ms. Thuy and her relatives called some people nearby to catch the python. When touching the python’s swollen belly, he discovered that the family’s lost calf had been swallowed by the python.


It is known that Thuy’s family farm is located on the mountainside, mainly raising cows, chickens, goats and growing trees. Recently, in addition to the calf that was swallowed by the earth python, Ms. Thuy’s farm also lost 3 goats for unknown reasons.

The farm area of Ms. Thuy’s family sometimes has some ground pythons crawling in, but not as big, as long as the python caught this time.

After receiving the information, the Forest Protection Department of Ky Anh district, in collaboration with the local government of Ky Xuan commune, the police agency, came to propagate and mobilize and was voluntarily handed over by the family to be released into the natural forest environment. course.

According to the Ky Anh District Forest Protection Department, this is the individual python with the largest weight and length ever discovered by people in Ky Anh district and handed over to the authorities for release into the environment. natural forest.

Previously, at the end of March, the Forest Protection Department of Ky Anh district, in collaboration with functional agencies and local authorities, also propagated and mobilized a household in Phu Thuong village (Ky Phu commune, Ky Anh district). ) handing over 1 individual python weighing more than 5kg, about 3m in length, kept in captivity at home for release into the natural forest environment.


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