“A Beast’s Retaliation: Bison’s Lethal Response to an Attack by a Gray Wolf”


The bison is a large herbivore that lives in the Great Plains of North America. It always has to be on guard because at any time the gray wolf, the bear can attack and turn it into dinner.

In the video, a stray bison is being chased by a gray dog. After catching up with the prey, the gray wolf immediately rushes to attack. However, this time the bison decided to launch a counterattack, causing the gray wolf to be seriously injured.

Not only using his feet to repeatedly kick the opponent’s face, the gray wolf was also thrown into the sky by the bison and had to suffer a lot to escape death. But with the severe wound it received, the gray wolf will have to fast for weeks before it can hunt again.


Gray wolves are social animals, they usually live in packs of about 5-11 children with 1-2 leaders including 1-2 adult wolves, 3-6 juvenile wolves and 1-3 wolf pups. In the pack, the leader wolf has the ultimate power, all other wolves must obey its orders when living in the pack or while hunting.

As superior predators, gray wolves are an integral part of the ecosystem in which they live. Gray wolves live in areas: forests, deserts, mountains, tundra, taiga, and savannahs and even cold snowy regions.


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