“In Pursuit of Prey: Lion’s Unyielding Resolve Ends in Heartbreak”


Wild buffalo battle with lion.

Two wild buffaloes went to enjoy together when they accidentally caught the lion’s eye.

Lions have a long-standing enmity with buffalo, so as soon as the prey appears, the lion’s eyes reveal a look of covetousness and ambition.

The lion did not hesitate even for a second, but charged straight at the prey like a well-defined pointed arrow.

The lion grabbed the ill-fated buffalo, causing the buffalo’s accomplices to flee.

After that, the lion began to perform barbaric acts as if he had never done anything with the buffalo carcass.

The lion madly devoured the carcass of the wild buffalo, biting the back so that the buffalo did not have a chance to escape even a little.


Next, the lion uses sharp and sharp claws to scratch continuously on the body of the wild buffalo, causing the buffalo to cry out in pain.

Although the buffalo tried to escape, struggling to fight fiercely to be able to escape the lion’s aggressive attack, the lion still resolutely fought to the end.

In the end, the buffalo was lucky to escape the torture of the lion.

The wild buffalo used its big strong horn to ram the lion’s body, causing the lion to look on in horror.


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