“Newborn Buffalo’s Lone Battle Against a Ruthless Hyena: A Last-Minute Rescue by Mother”


Newborn animals in the wild are always the most loved prey. A hyena was overjoyed when it found a young buffalo that had lost its mother, but it regretted not being able to kill the young buffalo.

The fight was recorded on Youtube and is going viral.

The young buffalo lost its mother must fight a ferocious hyena, although confronting a fearsome predator, the young buffalo has no fear that it tries to fight.

Young buffalo try to avoid the attacks of hyenas, hyenas can only bite and non-dangerous parts of the young buffalo’s body.


The fight was extremely tense and the young buffalo kept calling for help from its mother.

The mother buffalo then quickly returned and rescued her cubs from death.

The amazing video has more than 300k views and countless comments from the audience: people praise the bravery of the young buffalo and this moment is extremely rare in the wild.


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