“Rainy Rendezvous: Civet Family’s Endearing Playtime Under the Clouds”


5 civet cats were seen running and playing in the rain during the day until they were chased off into the bush.

66-year-old Linda Stedman experienced this once-in-a-lifetime sighting and shared it with

“On a day filled with anticipation and excitement, we were driving along the S1, making our way towards Nyamundwa Dam. The plan was to take the dirt road leading to Pretoriuskop, but fate had a different surprise in store for them.”

“As we came around a bend, we stumbled upon a civet mother and her 4 adorable cubs. It was a rarity to witness these shy creatures in broad daylight, let alone a family of five together. Thrilled by the sight, we decided to savor the moment for as long as possible.”

“We spent approximately 10 minutes watching the playful cubs and their mother. The mother civet did not look nervous by our presence; she continued down the road, with the curious cubs playing around her.”


“Our encounter took an unfortunate turn when another vehicle arrived on the scene. Startled by the other car, the civet family darted into the safety of the long grass, marking the end of the sighting. Nevertheless, the short-lived encounter left us feeling grateful for the unique experience we had just witnessed.”

“Take your time going past a stationary or slow-moving vehicle. They have obviously seen something, and it really gets frustrating when others fly by, spoiling a sighting.”

“Capturing the civet family on camera proved difficult due to their constant movement and the unfavorable weather conditions—a combination of poor lighting and rain. Yet I persevered, knowing that the images I could capture would be a memory of a lifetime.”


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