“The Art of Ambush: Komodo Dragon’s Daring Attack on Prey Larger Than Life”


A Komodo dragon was captured on video attacking and eating a water buffalo.
Komodo dragons are extraordinary animals. Up to 10 feet long and weighing up to 150 pounds, these guys are the largest lizards on the planet. (The largest figure ever recorded is a staggering 366 pounds!) When they were first recorded by Europeans in 1910, they were originally known as “land crocodiles” due to their size and appearance. they.

This video shows us the scene of a Komodo dragon biting the buffalo’s leg once, with its long big mouth and sharp teeth, just one bite can cause very serious damage to its prey.


Komodo dragon continuously attacks the prey’s legs, because the prey is too big for it, so it has to attack the legs so that the prey can’t move but lie down.

In this image, it can be seen that only 1 bite but the buffalo’s leg was seriously injured, it ran away to a nearby waterhole but the predator still did not spare and still hunted to the end.

After many attacks, the buffalo could not stand anymore and collapsed on the ground, just lying for the prey to torture.


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