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Survival of the Fittest: Lion vs. Baboons – A Heart-Pounding Encounter with a Surprising Twist!


Baboons are quite aggressive animals and can get angry at any time when they are angry, they are not afraid of any animals, even if it is lions.

A wonderful moment takes place and is captured when an angry baboon rushes to the two lions and teaches them a lesson.

The lion went hunting and suddenly encountered baboons who were also looking for food. The battle is full of danger and the baboons don’t seem to have a chance to escape.


Instead of running away and accepting death, the baboon attacked forcefully. The baboon began baring its fangs and roaring towards the lion.

The lions also show fear and run away, the baboons can also give time and space to make the run later.

A smart and brave decision of the baboons, this time the lion was defeated.


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