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Busy hunting monkeys, the eagle regretted not in time because the bear took the opportunity of his mother’s absence to kill the eagle’s young.


Without self-assessing, arguing with the brown bear for food, the bald eagle was slapped hard by the brown bear and died miserably.

An incredible video of a brown bear fighting an eagle was reported by a tourist while visiting the national park.

When they saw mother and child brown bears leisurely eating the carcass of a dead whale washed ashore, a pair of bald eagles landed and intended to get some whale meat for a meal.

However, one of the two aggressive eagles accidentally teased and hurt the cub.

The mother bear was extremely angry and slapped the eagle so hard that the eagle could not move and fell to the ground.

However, the slap was so strong that the photographer believed that the eagle had completely broken its back and lay still, unable to fly, unable to walk. Shortly after, it will surely prey on other hunters.

Most are just dramatic chases and eagles often take advantage to tease brown bears. This time, perhaps the eagles have learned a life lesson.


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