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Nature’s Battlefield: Wild Dogs and Buffaloes Clash in a Spectacular Encounter of Strength and Strategy


Wild dogs are quite small predators, they are easily defeated by brave and larger animals.

However, the strength of the whole herd of wild dogs is unstoppable and they can defeat large buffaloes.

A great wild dog hunt for a week long meal. 16 wild dogs gathered and proceeded to hunt buffalo.

Wild dogs rushed into the buffalo herd drinking water, the buffalo herd had several hundred and they began to get scared because of the presence of wild dogs.


The buffaloes began to run away in a riot, and the wild dog chose for him the slowest buffalo. The fight began and 16 wild dogs surrounded a buffalo to attack.

Wild dogs often take turns attacking the buffalo’s tail area and its lane is quickly destroyed. Then they take turns enjoying the meat on the buffalo.

The party went on continuously until the buffalo lost blood and collapsed.


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