“Nature’s Drama: Hungry Hyenas vs. Rhino – An Epic Clash”


When they know how to promote the power of the herd, hyenas become the most successful predators in the African wilderness. They often hunt small and medium-sized prey such as deer, wild boar… and steal prey from other hunters such as lions, jaguars.

The hungry, reckless hyenas are not afraid of anyone, whether the opponent is a notorious predator or a giant animal. The images recorded in Kruger National Park prove that. Herds of hyenas team up to hunt rhinos.

A few wandering rhinos became targets for small herds of hyenas. They quickly identify their target and attack, which is extremely rare in nature because rhinos are so strong and aggressive.


Although the large herd of rhinos has up to 3, but the hyenas are not afraid, they aim for a single target. After a long struggle, their large prey was discovered to have lost its tail. Even though it was huge, it couldn’t do anything to the hyenas. The rhinos showed them how to quickly run away.



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