“A Heartbreaking Encounter: Leopard’s Merciless Attack on a Cow and Her Defenseless Calf”


Humans are increasingly invading the territory of wild animals, the conflicts between wild animals and pets are increasing rapidly.

Leopards are no longer a wild species but have gradually adapted to survive in this difficult environment.

A leopard has ventured into human habitation and unexpectedly stolen a mother cow in the presence of humans.

The leopard ambushed and attacked the bull on a major road and was trying to finish the bull. The leopard bit the cow by the neck and tried to pull it off the road to avoid being hit by traffic.


The fight was fierce when the cow was quite healthy and stuck in the roadside barrier. The videographers tried to honk the car horn to scare away the leopard, but to no avail.

After a full effort, the bull was finally defeated and captured by the leopard and dragged down the mountainside.

It is not clear at this time if the cow’s life is guaranteed or not, but this is definitely a heartless video of people sitting in cars.


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