“Predator’s Rivalry: Eagle and Fox Collide in an Unpredictable Ground Duel”


Eagle has always been the king of high mountains and vast sky with vast fields. With a bright eye and the ability to see very far, it is very difficult for the eagle to let its prey escape.

Eagles are often caught hunting small foxes, but if an encounter with a large fox, how will the fight take place.

An amazing viral video captured an eagle preying on a leader fox and created a viral moment.


The great eagle dashed from the air to the ground to catch a fox and prepare for an intense battle. But when it got close to the ground, it was detected by the fox and it was forced to stop the attack.

The great fox spotted the eagle’s presence and began to defend, the eagle flew away from the battle. Then they changed from a high-altitude battle to a ground battle, and the eagle ran up to the lip.

After seeing the bravery of the fox, the eagle lost and flew away soon after.


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