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Risking to anger the turtle, the tragedy of the snake came and made it unable to keep up


People view Turtles as nice, peaceful creatures, but in reality, these small creatures can be deadly at times. Despite their small sizes, They are able to defend themselves and attack incredibly large animals.
Snakes are some of the most dangerous animals in the wild. Turtles are known for having the best defense against any predator. So, what would happen if those two meet? Will the snake try to eat the turtle? And if it tries will it be able to do so?
Most snakes can only eat baby and juvenile turtles or smaller turtle species, like the Mud or Musk Turtles. Very few snake species are able to eat full adult turtles. Some of the snake species that are able to do so are: Kingsnakes, Anacondas, and Lachesis Snakes.

While most adult snakes should be able to swallow a turtle, most of them don’t do this for two reasons. Turtles are hard to digest, due to their shells. And turtles will defend themselves. While most turtles seem pretty harmless, they can actually be very dangerous, especially against snakes.

There are three different ways a snake can attack its prey. They can either bite them and poison them they can constrict their prey and try to suffocate it. Or they will simply try to swallow it whole without doing anything else.
A turtle’s shell will protect it from most of those things. A snake can still try to bite a turtle, but it has to find a soft spot like a leg. Constricting won’t work at all. And trying to swallow a whole turtle can be dangerous because turtles will fight back.


Turtles have two ways of fighting back. Biting and scratching. While their bite is not the most dangerous, compared to other animals. Against a snake that has no physical defense, it can inflict enough damage to make it back away.

Some turtles, like the snapping turtle, have such a powerful bite that they have reversed their role, and they became the hunter and the snake the prey.
So, if a snake wants to attack a turtle it needs to be very fast and precise, otherwise, it will end up in a fight that can go both ways.

Eggs are a staple food for a lot of snakes. And turtle eggs make no exception. In fact, they are preferred over other types of eggs.
While most turtles have a good chance defending against a snake, they are completely unable to defend their eggs or even their babies. So turtles don’t guard their eggs, they simply lay them in a hidden spot and hope that nobody will find them. But that’s not always the case.

So, now that we established that turtles are not as defenseless as they might seem at first sight. How often will you see a snake trying to eat a turtle?
Snakes very rarely try to eat turtles. Regardless of the species of the snake. For most snakes, turtles are something of a last resort.


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