Stealing Unsuccessful Prey, Hyena Gathers Herd To Torture Leopard To Death


According to Latest Sightings, Fransie Booysen, 57, recorded a melee between leopards and hyenas in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Booysen discovered the emaciated leopard surrounded by hyenas while traveling by car in the park. “I saw a skinny leopard, possibly injured, surrounded by hyenas again.”

“For me, this is a very rare sight. We have lived right outside Kruger for 11 years and go to the park at least once a week but have never seen anything like it,” she said.

The hyenas constantly bite, even drag the leopard on the ground. In front of the ferocious hyenas, the leopard could only resist weakly. Booysen found the scene cruel, but she understood that it was a cruel law of nature.


“I burst into tears when I saw that scene. The hyenas are constantly biting the leopards non-stop,” Booysen said.

Booysen added: “The hyenas then backed away a bit and the critically injured leopard tried to move towards a sewer. The hyenas followed. I heard the sound but couldn’t see anything. “,

Booysen said she was unsure of the leopard’s fate. However, she believes that the leopard’s fate was arranged and it became a good prey for the hyenas.


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