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Only interested in mating without paying attention to the surroundings of frogs pushed his wife into a meal into the mouth of a venomous snake


Impressive moment in the wildlife world was accidentally captured by a tourist in Tbilisi, Georgia, USA. Katiya Pavlova, also a professor of mathematics, captured the moment when the water snake tried to squeeze between the two toads to eat, while the male toad kept trying to keep the female toad with him to mate.

“Most likely the male toad was in the process of fertilizing the female toad, when the hungry water snake appeared and swallowed the female toad,” Katiya said.

According to Katiya, at first, she did not understand what was going on because she only saw the toads moving on the water, which was completely unnatural. “When we looked closely, we noticed that the snake was pushing the two toads through the water. Male toads do not want to lose a mate. It tried to hold on to the top of a tree that was above the water to stop, but failed,” Katiya said.


Then the water snake swallowed the female toad. “It’s a very special predation in the natural world,” Katiya said


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