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“Baboons’ Savage Drive: From Newborn Antelopes to Satisfying Their Hunger”


Many times baboons have been spotted attacking and eating newborn antelopes, which are always the saddest moments in the wild.

The battle to protect newborn antelopes is becoming more and more interesting and the video below will help you get the most comprehensive view to the wild of newborn antelope .

A newborn antelope was born next to a tour car and its frightened mother ran away. This was a great opportunity for the monkeys around and the 3 baboons discovered their prey and attacked the poor antelope.


The mother antelope saw her baby in danger, so she immediately took action, it rushed into a fight with the baboon and continuously protected its young.

The antelope battle with 3 baboons was fierce and then a baboon quickly stole the newborn antelope and fled up a tall tree.

A sad situation and the tourists indirectly killed the baby antelope. The mother antelope also tried her best to save her cubs without success.


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