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The life-and-death battle between bats and snakes took place fiercely, but in the end the ants came and enjoyed both prey


The ants are small but carry the terrible power of the collective. A snake and a bat were nearly killed by ants while trying to take down their opponents in a never-ending battle.
The footage is captured attractively and the snake is a predator in this footage. It attacks the bat and tries to turn the bat into a delicious meal.

The bat’s large size and sharp claws around the body made it impossible for the snake to end the fight. The battle was long and attracted the weaver ants present.
Weaver ants quickly attack the bat and earn a huge meal. Bats and snakes struggled in pain due to the tremendous attack power of the weaver ants.


In the end, the snake chose to give up its prey and run away because of the power of the ants. The bat was also later free and fortunately escaped from the ants.
This rare moment was recorded on Youtube and received many comments from the audience.


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