The Unyielding Horns: Oryx Antelope’s Fearless Resistance Against the Lion


In Africa’s Serengeti grasslands, young lions often spend years observing how hunting adults handle their prey.

But with these little lions, they have to learn on their own through trial and error. They began to practice stalking like seasoned hunters, taking advantage of the sparse bushes to hide.

The process of stalking must take place very carefully because the oryx is easily frightened by the slightest noise. After a while, one of the lions decided to come out of hiding and charge up.

Looks like it made a mistake. But in reality, it intelligently cornered the oryx towards its “teammates”.


With its experience, the oryx dodges all attacks of the opponent. Meanwhile, the young lions were frustrated. Both accept to give up, letting the prey go elsewhere.

The oryx is a species of Arabian straight-horned antelope. They have a rather odd hump on their back, have long straight horns, and a short tail with tufts of fur at the end.

The species became extinct in the wild in the early 1970s, but has been rescued in zoos and private nature reserves. They then reappeared in the early 1980s. At the 2006 Asian Games held in Doha, Qatar, the Arabian wildebeest was chosen as the official mascot.

In addition to humans, the gray wolf is a formidable predator for this animal. In good captivity, it can extend its lifespan up to 20 years.

But if it lives in a period of drought, its lifespan is significantly reduced due to malnutrition and dehydration. Other causes of death include fighting between males, snake bites, illness or drowning during the water season.


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