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Rattled by the Unexpected: King Cobra’s Startling Confrontation with a Menacing Rival


In nature, every animal is a danger. Whether they are herbivores or carnivores, they are normally extremely gentle and even friendly, but deep down they are still a wild animal. When they become frantic, it will be even scarier.

A king cobra is the king of snakes, but there are many reptiles and other animals that are always looking for ways to kill it. King cobras face ferocious honey badgers and also desperately want to challenge them. There are also Komodo dragons or large lizards who are always trying to kill them.

Cobras are not completely weak, although the animals around them may look down on them at will, but even if they are sinister and venomous, they are inferior to their four-legged opponents. The four legs perfectly prove to him that flexibility is equally important in every fight.

So when confronting fierce and large species such as honey badgers or large lizards, they will often lose. Not only are they invincible due to their lack of flexibility, but they are also killed by the enemy in the most ruthless way possible.


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