“A Love’s Lament: Udu Antelope’s Untimely End in the Midst of a Vicious Lion Duel”


In the wild, kudu antelopes are quite gentle animals, they rarely fight with each other or fight with other animals. But in order to compete for the right to mate, these two male kudu antelope rushed into each other extremely fiercely.

However, in the midst of a fight, two oryx antelopes do not know that a lion is stalking to notice them.

The lion waits for the right opportunity to come, it immediately lies low to switch to a stalking position so that the prey does not detect it.


It tried to move closer to its prey, when the distance between the two oryx was only a few meters away from the lion, it immediately jumped up and rushed towards the prey.

A slow-moving kudu was caught by a lion, and after the kudu fell, the lion took several more bites to the neck of the prey to make sure the kudu could not escape.


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