“Buffalo’s Bitter Resentment: Slow Descent into Hyena’s Gruesome Fate”


Buffalo is a healthy animal and it is not easy to eat it. Even lions, leopards or crocodiles have received many beatings from buffalo.

But today the hyenas got lucky as they were enjoying a delicious meal from a silly buffalo.

The hyenas organized a hunt and tried to separate a buffalo from the herd. After the tiring battle, everyone stopped and rested.

The buffalo began to despise the hyena and thought that the injuries caused by the hyenas were only minor, so the buffalo stood still and did not run away.


The hyenas freely attacked the buffalo’s tail area and began to cut the buffalo meat, but the buffalo still did not react at all. The hyena started a real party and the buffalo had no idea that it was slowly dying.

This moment of stupidity is really rare in the wild as all creatures have to fight to survive but this buffalo is different.


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