“Hyena’s Folly: Wild Boar’s Deadly Counterattack Shocks the Savannah”


In the wild, the battles for survival are often very attractive and all predators want to end the hunt as quickly as possible to avoid future risks.

The wild boar fights the leopards and then takes down the hyenas to escape in an unexpected battle. The video is going viral on the internet and is getting a lot of attention.

A wild boar was walking around suddenly caught by a leopard, this leopard is quite small in size and is a new adult leopard. The battle took place fiercely when the wild boar constantly had to work and call for help of its kind.


The sound of the battle quickly attracted a hungry hyena to come running and it quickly joined the fight. The hyena tries to attack the wild boar and ignores the leopard.

The leopard was too naive to realize the situation in front of him and was afraid to release the wild boar. The wild boar quickly took revenge on the leopard with powerful butts that attacked the leopard’s abdomen.

The hyena thought that the wild boar had died without preparation. The wild boar quickly escaped after the fight and the two young animals were deeply regretful.


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