“Survival of the Fittest: Mongoose’s Bloodthirsty Battle for the Lizard Family”


The mongoose is always an intelligent animal when it comes to hunting, they always try to make every hunt as easy as possible.

The mongoose chooses its meal of baby lizards, but this lizard mother seems to be very aggressive.

The mongoose steals the baby lizards and kills them, when they are about to enjoy their meal, the lizard mother returns and the fierce battle ensues.

The mother lizard was angry at the death of its cubs, so it frantically attacked the mongoose. The mongoose is also not an easy person to bully, it also constantly responds.


The mongoose repeatedly demonstrated the strength of the hunter and cornered the mother lizard. The fight then stopped because the mongoose couldn’t take down the prey and got tired.

It is not a small sadness to return to find the children of the dead lizard. But it is the fierceness of nature anyway.


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