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“Surviving the Unthinkable: Frog’s Triumph Over Twin Snake Threat”


The survival battles of animals always bring many surprises and you will certainly never be allowed to miss if you encounter any battle, go back to that moment. It can be the movie of your life on Youtube.

A wild battle of nature where a frog has to fight 2 snakes at the same time. The war seems to be over but it’s just begun and the rest of the fight is extremely engaging.

A frog is caught by a snake and then the frog is slowly being swallowed by the snake’s stomach. Another snake appeared and competed with the young for prey.


The frog’s head was also partially swallowed by another frog and its mouth. But surprisingly, then the frog had a chance to escape and successfully escaped.

But life is full of surprises, after a while the frog was discovered and captured again for being poisoned by a snake. It eventually becomes the snake’s delicious meal and only the 1 snake most deserving of the meal.



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