“Jungle Magic: The Leopard That Became a Black Panther After a Catfish Catch”


We were in the Savuti region of Chobe National Park in Botswana during the winter months when the Savuti canal narrowed to a series of small pools. We knew about the Savuti fishing leopard from a youtube video we watched, so we waited near the mouth of the water where a leopard was recently spotted in the hopes of seeing one with our own eyes. leopard fishing.

And then we see her. There was catfish in the water, but when we saw the leopard move to the edge of the pool we thought it was just going to drink.

However, the leopard surprised us by entering the puddle very slowly. Time stood still for us as we watched, and she seemed to take a long time to sink deeper into the abyss.


Everything is silent. Then suddenly the leopard plunges headfirst into the dark and lightning fast, catching a catfish (barb) in its mouth!

She then quickly left the muddy waters and approached our vehicle to rest in the shade and eat her catfish spoils. We couldn’t believe our luck!

The leopard had a full meal, but it also cost it dearly looking at it like a black panther.


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