“Risking it All for Flavor: Leopards’ Adventurous Hunt for Lion Meat Lunch”


All this lion cub wanted was a safe place to sit while its mother went hunting for food.

Instead it became another animal’s lunch when a hungry leopard snatched the three-week-old cub and climbed a tree to devour it.

The cub’s mother had been moving her children deeper into a parched bush for safety in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, East Africa, so she could go hunting for food.

Yet instead of providing her babies with some well-earned lunch, a sneaky leopard pounced on one of the unprotected cubs left alone by their mother.

The lion cub was frightened as it was taken away.


The leopard carried the cub up a tree in its mouth before devouring the helpless lion cub.

The video was uploaded to Youtube and has more than 1m views along with countless comments from the audience when witnessing this scene.

I can’t imagine how tough it’d be being a mother animal in nature

This is one of those perfect sightings to show people who go by the textbooks. Nature will show you something different.


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