“Moment of Truth: Zebras’ Desperate Escape from a Hunting Cheetah”


While foraging in the grasslands, the zebras were inadvertently caught in the sights of cheetahs. Despite hiding very carefully behind the bushes, the two cheetahs were still discovered by adult zebras.

Not allowing the enemy to carry out his intentions, a zebra rushed to chase causing two big cats to run away. Even when the cheetah decided to retreat, the zebra had more than enough to rush forward and launch powerful attacks. Being attacked by the prey, the cheetah has to run away to save its life..

The cheetah is a leopard that belongs to the group of big cats and is known to run faster than any land animal.

With an aerodynamic body shape that combines long legs and a flexible spine, they can sprint at speeds of up to 112 km / h and are classified as the most fearsome predators on the face. soil.


Meanwhile, the zebra is not an easy prey because in addition to the ability to run fast, the zebra also possesses an extremely scary rear kick that even lions have to chill

Zebras also have a very strong solidarity. If a zebra is attacked, other zebras will run to its defense and form a circle around it to scare away the predator.

In addition, this animal loves to mingle with antelope herds for added protection against threats. Although they do not run as fast as horses, they have great endurance and good adaptability. When cornered, zebras can kill enemies with a fast, powerful kick that causes the opponent to break their jaws and die.


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