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Confronted with the sharp beak of the snake bird tried to escape but was ripped off its eyes and head by the bird


A brave bird takes on a snake two times its size while attempting to avoid the serpent’s deadly poisonous fangs. Will the bird consider the risk to be worthwhile or not?

At the MalaMala Game Reserve, field guide Pieter van Wyk was able to capture footage of the conflict and shared it with

“I noticed the hubbub while driving a bunch of tourists early one morning on a lovely day. We had only been on the road for 10 seconds. We had not yet departed the camp’s area.

As I came closer, I discovered that the bird was actually attacking the snake; at first, I believed it was a snake attacking a kind of bird. The boomslang, a poisonous tree snake distinguished by its bright green color, was being attacked by the bushshrike, a bird with striking grey, yellow, and green plumage.

The snake attempted to flee, but the bushshrike persisted. It would fly back up to a nearby branch, plunge down to attack the snake, and then repeat the procedure.

Furious birds, grey-headed bushshrikes will eat almost anything they can get their beaks on. They have a history of killing snakes if given the chance.

I could clearly see that the snake had no chance as I watched this intriguing exchange take place. The snake had already suffered lethal injuries at this time from the bush shrike.

The visitors asked us to go before the snake actually died because they could not bear to see it, so we waited for a bit until the inevitable was obvious. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to the snake as we were leaving.

I had a gut feeling the snake wouldn’t make it through the assault. By this time, the snake had already been rendered blind, and the bushshrike was relentlessly attacking its head.


“Even though I left before the fight was over, the bushshrike’s strength and ferocity still astounded me. It serves as a stark reminder of nature’s harsh reality and the ongoing struggle for survival in the jungle.

We can develop a greater understanding of the natural world and the precarious balance between life and death in the bush via these encounters. So the next time you’re in the woods, pay attention to the interactions going on around you and pause to soak in the breathtaking beauty of the environment.

A group of feisty starlings attack a python that had just consumed a large meal. The snakes full belly made for a very slow getaway.

Pam Bruce-Brand a visitor to the Kruger National Park was able to capture the entire scene and she shared it with

“As we drove along the S100 gravel road in Kruger National Park, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful sight of Burchell’s Starlings and Wattled Starlings flying together in a dance-like flock ahead of our car. It was a magical moment as we watched them soar through the sky, their wings flapping in perfect harmony.”


“Some of the starlings then began settling in the middle of the road, which was quite unusual. This caught our attention. At first, we thought they were attacking a rock monitor, a type of lizard that can be found in the park. But upon closer inspection, we noticed something much larger.”

“It was a massive python! Its belly full from a recent feast. The birds were attacking it and making alarm sounds. The scene was intense, and our hearts raced as we watched in disbelief. We were witnessing something truly remarkable.”

African rock pythons are large constrictor snakes that are found across southern Africa. They possess immense strength and are known to consume prey as large as impala. Birds definitely feature on the menu of pythons as well. Luckily for these birds the python was quite full already.

“As we scrambled to get our cameras ready, the python began to move, slowly at first, but then with more speed as it tried to evade the persistent birds. The sight of the python’s big belly and the birds swooping down on it was a sight to behold, and we were in awe of what was unfolding before our very eyes.”

“Despite our best efforts, our cameras failed to capture the true essence of the moment. We were too focused on the scene before us, too caught up in the excitement of the encounter. The python eventually slithered away into the bushes.”

A large poisonous snake, when the parent bird left the nest, came in to eat the baby bird, by the time the mother bird returned, it was too late.
The short video begins with the snake climbing up a tree, reaching out to the bird’s nest. The snake deftly pulled out a young bird, while the young struggled desperately to find a way to escape.

The snake then brought the young bird to the ground, repeatedly biting its neck until it died. After that, the mother bird returned to the nest, panicking to find the baby bird.

It discovered that its child was being eaten by a poisonous snake and immediately launched a counter attack.


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